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This web site is presented as a public service to Windows users who are busy on immediate tasks to make decisions and have limitation to spare time to develop automation programs using programming language. Our goal is to provide you with more or less standalone applications for your immediate use or for your quick modification to fit into your purpose; for this purpose, source codes are provided.

If you need modification but still have any further limitation in your available resources, please feel free to contact us Kingstone Software Consulting . We provide complete consulting and custom application design and development for Excel, Office, Visual Basic and your web site development.

Our applications are intended to reflect experience and knowledge into so that immediate use in your tasks is possible. We continue to create new pages to contain applications we are going to develop new applications in order to support engineers and project execution professionals globally including students and scientists.

With a view to meeting you early, this web site starts with applications as available when our web site start to be in service. If you have any automation in your mind, you can let us know. If the application meeting your need, we can share that with you; otherwise, we can have plan to develop what you need.

We present generic codes as well to help you read codes of applications in this web site; however, related explanation are not exhaustive considering you can get better help from other web sites specialized in tutoring program languages and we are always in the full position to discuss with you to full comprehension.

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This page last updated: 4-February-2019.

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