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This page describes our software development and consulting services we are able to provide customers with based on our experience and track records. This consists of 7 parts.
Overview and general scope describes our focus and general terms and condition in implementing Consulting services.
Other 6 sections are consultation services specific to major project phases; that is, office automation, planning, constructability study, construction, logistics, and commissioning.

General scope
1.Office automation

Overview and General scope

The author of this web site started business career as an engineer of oil and gas industry rather than a programmer. When special analysis of complex system were required, specialized programs were developed using Basic or Fortran language as part of engineer' work since manual calculation involved enormous efforts and time:for example, stress analysis program, flow network balance program, heat and material balance simulation and so on.
As years went on as engineer, more and more tasks had to be tackled day by day like other engineers. It was hard to deal with the tasks by deadline schedule.
We could easily come to realize that office work productivity should be enhanced. In this regards, Windows office helped a lot in virtue of power of their built-in functionalities.
However, it was not sufficient enough without automating day to day work. A good thing is that Windows office is shipped with programming language.
It has been noticed that most engineers are striving to deal with their tasks using the Office's built-in functions only which are limited in automation, mainly due to the fact that they are busy on impending tasks and are not able to spare their time to familiarize themselves with programming language.

All programs developed for the purpose of office automation at our initiative are available for public service via the web site

The execution plans of project contractors are often invisible even if written in well organized document. Accordingly, it is hard to say that the execution plan is realistic and doable, leading to frequent schedule modification. Major reasons are due to lack of awareness in the base document, due to lack of visualization specialists who understand all the base documents required for their scope execution and due to the fact that Contractors organizes their team with new persons hired for project. Our consulting service is expected to bridge contractor's work with client's expectation or requirement by defining the base scope and interface visually including level 3 schedule matching with client' level 3 schedule.

Our service for project execution plan is embodied into a computer program in pursuit of office automation

When we develop an application or workbook for your company, you get everything associated with the project, including all source code files. All intellectual property rights are yours. Once the project is complete, I relinquish any claim to any intellectual property rights and copyright protection. The application is completely yours.

We fully understand that project development often involves access to confidential or proprietary data and code. Your privacy and security are assured. We take privacy and confidentiality very seriously. I am more than happy to sign any Non-Disclosure Agreement you may require.

New project development rates are $120 per hour or we can arrange a lump-sum service for a project.

Our products are for public service and intended for stand alone without need to modify them. Also source codes are available to potential users. You can modify the source code to make your own program. However, if you need our involvement in customizing the program for your project, we can provide our service based on $60 per hour.

Payment may be made by Master Card and Visa or by PayPal.

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1. Office Automation

Office automation is implemented in combination with project execution in a way to:

We work with individuals on small projects and with major corporations that need an entire application linking together multiple Office applications. We can link up your Excel files with PowerPoint Presentations, Word Documents, Access Databases, and MS Project Projects.

Services we can provide include

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2. Planning

A project planning platform is developed as an integrated package program comprehending schedules and business intelligence.
A single major task in project planning is to integrate the stand alone schedules of individual parties. It is necessary to understand and define the interface between each other schedules of different contractors clearly. Otherwise, an attempt to form an integration would result in longer project period with many activity of excessive slack. Our service is to help client form the integrated schedule within project master schedule or bench marking projects by way of:

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3. Constructability study

We are specialized at modularization, heavy lift and haulage study including marine transportation, and productivity enhancement program.

  1. Modularization Study
    Modularization would reduce project risks associated with execution at site. This concept increases engineering involvement, amount of steel work, and pre-service cost compared with stick-build construction; notwithstanding, this method contributes to overall project success. This awareness is based on proven module projects. Kingstone SC has experienced in various module projects and realizes its benefits and opportunities over its counterpart:
    • Identify off-site fabrication drivers of a project.
    • Evaluate and propose optimum module concept.
    • Conduct transportation and installation study.
    • Propose the basis of design for modules.
    • Develop installation sequence diagram.
    • Develop preliminary Level 3 schedule
  2. Heavy Lift and land/Marine Transport Study
    The potential consequence of lift and transportation requirements are not clearly recognized and reflected into engineering and execution at early time. Project often pays not insignificant price due to heavy operation. This is mainly due to incomplete study or lack of awareness of implication. We are doing a comprehensive and detailed study and identifying what engineering and execution management should take account of to prevent from the price as a part of project constructability study:
    • Review project equipment and module list.
    • Conduct representative transport study.
    • Conduct representative item lift study.
    • Map the plant equipment demand on project schedule with mitigation plan to level out.
    • Propose optimum stowage plan and delivery sequence.
    • Check site layout and identify risk.
  3. Productivity Enhancement
    It is essential to build company's culture of collective efforts in and adopt a system for productivity improvement like Toyota and GE; otherwise, it is not easy to realize its improvement. Monitoring productivity factor as a project performance index can help very little. Kingstone software enjoyed and contributed significant improvement in productivity in experienced projects. The projects have been executed according to our productivity initiatives:
    • Develop productivity enhancement program
    • Analyze barriers and constraints in site works.
    • Propose to adopt production lane system.
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4. Construction strategic planning

A project construction execution package is developed as a separate integrated package program.
Construction is dynamic and not a single schedule or sequence or method is available to execute construction work; it is known that efficiency varies with sequence or schedule or methods project agree to follow. Our service is oriented to develop and help client select the logical sequence at the early stage and hand-over stage to commissioning , allowing client to assess overall construction period and to implement construction work by way of;

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5. Logistics strategic planning

Project defines the drivers underlying material supply to the site and should organize the review session to determine priority to be taken out of the drivers periodically from engineering stage. Drivers start from JIT (just in time) delivery for direct site installation but there are other drivers which may affect JIT delivery adversely. Examples are vendor shop progress, module fabrication progress and sequence due to module yard layout, marine transportation stowage plan and ship operation, Material offloading facility design and readiness, site laydown area, readiness of site installation and lists to go.
It is necessary to develop solid baseline schedule and take into various out-of-sequence scenario to come up with corresponding mitigation plan.
To cope with the project risk due to logistics, it is necessary to consolidate logics plan and mitigation plan. Our logistics program will comprise the followings:

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6. Commissioning

A project commissioning package is developed as a separate integrated package program.
Commissioning can move on without major trouble and without delay if preceding activities are established according to schedule and without major carryover works. Our service is focused on developing the commissioning sequence and defining the preceding work clearly in a way to eliminate or minimize temporary facilities due to late readiness of plant facilities and to prevent from major rework due to premature attempt to test system and facilities.

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This page last updated: 9-April-2019.