A Coordinated Construction Management Program "Moonstone"

The Moonstone is a tool designed to support the construction management for remote construction site, module fabrication and ship building yard.
The Excel based program can be simply set up by planning engineer and construction engineer and widely utilised with the entire project team members.

Customer Support

You, as specialist planning, construction or commissioning engineer, can set up the program intuitively and referring to the general guideline. Nevertheless, it would take some time and efforts till your own application is in full service especially for your first project.
Considering this, we serve you to set up your first project by providing you with the following customer support at no cost.
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1. Overview

Moonstone Overview The Moonstone is designed to support the effective site construction by way of :
  1. A standalone Excel Based Program without need of additional programs such as Primavera or MS Project for scheduling.
  2. A built-in constructability review program promoting stakeholders collaboration and eventually predictability in project execution.
  3. An on-site communication program to help reduce site management issues.
  4. A productivity enhancement tool designed to help identify out-of-sequence and inadequate resource allocation and derive ideas of how to reduce idle time of the planned labor or eliminate temporary additional resource

2. Primary Functions

The Moonstone comprises eight(8) distinct and interdependent function groups and one(1) utility group (tools) as laid out on the Ribbon.
Five(5) primary functions outlined below are designed to establish an integrated platform for the most effective construction management.

Moonstone RibbonX user interface

2.1 Build up Data Base for Project Execution and maintain it through MOC (Management of Change )Process

Leverage SQL (Structured Query Language) to simplify Excel data analytics
  1. Sort out the unique items from an external file for initial fill.
  2. Consolidate the data base extracting matching data from external files.
  3. Maintain the data base as project data are updated.
  4. Any changes agreed on the project execution reviews are incorporated into the data base. The changes are documented as a management of change (MOC).

2.2 Develop Logical Deterministic Level 4 Schedule

Moonstoneschedule Deterministic schedule comparable with Primavera and MS Project.
Multiple activities and the corresponding schedule are in a single and same row.
  1. Logical Level 4 schedule through critical path method
  2. Multiple activities and schedule bars are in a single row
  3. The constrained schedule considering the site readiness is compared with the unconstrained schedule.
  4. Pre-installation, De-stacking or Stacking, is optional depending on the project.

2.3 Optimize Path of Construction (POC)

Path of Construction is defined as the articulation of the optimum building (installation, erection) sequence of the physical components of the facility. according to coaa (Construction Owners Association of Alberta).
  • A path of construction development tool is included.
  • Individual Component is reviewed in a way to eliminate out-of-sequence installation.
  • Overall construction sequence is reviewed using a simulation tool.
  • Disconnection can be identified for further discussion and optimization

2.4 Resource Allocation Diagram and Resource Profile Chart

Moonstoneresource Every site operation is covered: Berthing, Load-in, Transport, Pre-Installation, and Installation.
Multi-Lift operation shows multiple cranes involved.
  1. Resource Diagram plots the planned resources for each site construction stage; Berth, Cranes, Trailers, Laydown and others
  2. Resource Profile Chart views distinct resources with supply superimposed.
  3. The resource diagram and profile chart enable us to identify busts and to diagnose the root cause.

2.5 Progress Monitoring

Progress (actual vs plan) are plotted by the progress curve.
Complete, overdue and forecast activities are viewed on plot plan, resource chart and skyline.
  1. Conventional Progress curve: S-Curve and Rundown curve or combined
  2. Skyline diagram based on activity's finish date.
  3. Progress on the plot plan drawing by way of Complete, overdue and forecast
  4. Progress on the resource chart by way of Complete, overdue and forecast

3. System Requirements

Moonstone operates with Microsoft Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016 or later.

Excel versions

4. Procurement Procedure

  1. If you want to buy immediately, please pay through PayPal. To do so, press Buy now at the right top of this page. The PayPal will guide you to facilitate your payment.
  2. Once we are advised of your procurement through PayPal or via your email, the program and guideline are sent to you for your use.
  3. You can install the program referring to the guideline.
  4. Upon your request, we set up your first project on your behalf as part of our Customer support service.

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