Create Gantt Chart in two different ways interactively "Onyx"

Onyx is a program working in Microsoft Excel Environment and is capable of creating Gantt charts interactively in two ways:

  1. one based on drawing bars and connectors to be drawn on worksheet.
  2. Another based on schedule data entry to worksheet.
The first method generate a Gantt chart in the different way from conventional. It allows to draw bars and connectors on the worksheet interactively based on the conceptual information in hand. The bars represent activity schedule and connectors represent dependency relation.
Another method generates a Gantt chart in the conventional way, starting from user's schedule data input: either directly on the worksheet or using dialog box with preliminary presentation of schedule bar and dependence relationship. The preliminary presentation is just based upon the schedule data input. Logical schedule is generated through critical path analysis.

Method 1

1. Create Activity bar and dependency relation. 2. Generate logical schedule through critical path analysis and display comparison for final schedule.

Method 2

1. Develop Schedule using dialog or directly entering data. 2. Perform critical path analysis.

Ribbon user interface

Onyx v1.0 takes advantage of the Ribbon user interface. Refer to its image below. Three(3) function groups and two(2) utility groups (Onyx Project Tool, and View Option) are laid out on the Ribbon.

Onyx RibbonX user interface

System Requirements

Onyx v1.0 requires Microsoft Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016 or later.


The Onyx add-in is a shareware and you can download free for your use.

Download and Install

  1. Save the zip file.
  2. Extract all.
  3. Place Onyx.xlam and Onyx_Userguide.chm in the same location.
  4. Read ReadMe.htm before installing Onyx.xlam.
  5. Additional installation instructions are described in ReadMe.htm.
Download Gantt Chart - For Excel 2007 and later

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