Project Management program "Sunstone"


Sunstone is a project management program designed for deterministic schedule, logic check, probabilistic schedule, resource optimization, and progress monitoring and reporting function leveraging Microsoft Excel and Visual studio functionality. Expectation is that users without commercial scheduling package such as P6 or MS project are doing related tasks in the Excel environment only.

1. Set up Schedule basis 2. Generate Gantt Chart 3. Network Diagram 4. Program Evaluation and Review Technique
5. Schedule Risk Analysis 6. Resource allocation review 7. Progress monitoring 8. Progress S-Curve and rundown curve

Ribbon user interface

This program takes advantage of the Ribbon user interface. Refer to its image below. Seven(7) distinctive function groups and two(2) utility groups (Group and Outline Tool, and Window View) are laid out on the Ribbon.

Sunstone RibbonX user interface

System Requirements

This program runs with Microsoft Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016 or later.


The Sunstone add-in is a shareware and you can download free for your use.

Download and Install

Downloadable file contains four files: ReadMe.htm, Sunstone.xlam (program file), Sunstone_UserGuide.chm (User Guide), and Demo-Sunstone.xlsm (Demo file).

  1. Save the zip file
  2. Extract all
  3. Place Sunstone.xlam and Sunstone_Userguide.chm in the same location
  4. Read ReadMe.htm before installing Sunstone.xlam
  5. Additional installation instructions are described in ReadMe.htm
Download Project Management - For Excel 2007 and later
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